Why Houthbage.com?

We create global links for you, and build a bridge between supply and demand worldwide.

Amid the flood of information and advertising and its impenetrable content, we want to show users easily and rapidly accessible products and services on offer, all in one place – exactly what they are looking for at any given moment. At the same time we want to make it possible for anyone providing specific products or services to showcase what they are offering to the global market, in the cheapest and fastest way possible.

A new means of promotion on the global level for companies and individuals.

More than 5,000 different categories. Supply and demand in one place. Accessible, transparent and fast.

Via the Houthbage.com promotion website you can now quickly and easily search or create a presentation or advertisement and provide transparent and effective posting of information about yourself personally or your company or institution. This will make it easier for your customers and business partners throughout the world to find, recognise and access you.

You can search or enter your presentation or promotional message/advertisement in as many as nine different languages.

Show yourself to the world market cheaply and effectively.

The Houthbage.com website is globally oriented and offers a practical medium for anyone seeking a particular product or service. In this way companies and individuals that could not afford the high costs of advertising can reach potential buyers cheaply and effectively.

Why would you spend money on advertisements in magazines, on television, the radio or on websites where only a small group of people will see them, and only in a certain country? Now in just one step, and at minimum cost, your advertising can reach the global market.

Enter your information, submit your advertisement and become visible to millions of people worldwide, in all countries, in nine different languages.

If you cannot find the category you are searching, or you are sure it is not in our system, please let us know and we will be glad to add it.

We will continuously add other languages, for we are looking to get established in every country and to offer our users the easiest searching and advertising possible.

Get the information on your mobile device.

Life has a rapid pace, so we want to get certain information at home or in the field as quickly as possible. For this reason we accommodated the needs of smart phone and device users, adapted to them and created an app for Android, IOS and Windows. This means you no longer have to search for information online, since now with just one click on the app you can access all the information you need.


Who is the Houthbage.com website aimed at?

The Houthbage.com website is aimed at both buyers and advertisers. Those looking to buy can browse the website with no obligation, and search for what they are interested in. And by placing an advertisement, advertisers can increase the likelihood of being more recognisable, accessible and more easily found by customers or business partners.

Can I create an advertisement to SELL or BUY?

No. The website is intended solely for advertising or presenting an individual, company, institution or facility.
The website is not intended for selling items or products (new or used), since it is not set up for this, and is intended only and exclusively for advertising. Advertisements for selling or buying will be deleted without warning.

What kind of advertisement can I create?

Advertisements are divided into business and private categories. Business advertisements are intended for anyone and take precedence over private advertisements in search results, and ensure that the website can be published. Private advertisements are separated into persons and sole traders.

Person: this type of advertisement can be created by a natural person (sports people, medical practitioners, painters, dancers and so forth), i.e. persons with different occupations, knowledge and interests, whether they are professionals or simply people with a passion for their work and leisure time creativity, and who want to be visible in the world.

Sole trader: this type of advertisement can only be created by a sole trader with their own registered sole trader company.